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Advantages and disadvantages of low temperature heating and rolling of bar and wire

Low temperature rolling generally refers to low temperature heating rolling. It is to heat the billet to a temperature lower than the conventional heating temperature and rolling at a temperature lower than the conventional hot rolling temperature. damage.

Saving energy and reducing consumption is always an important task of the iron and steel industry. In steel rolling production, energy saving can be achieved by reducing the reheating temperature of the billet.

Advantages of low temperature heating and rolling:

Reduce heating energy consumption;

Reduce oxidative burn loss and improve yield;

Improve the heating output of the rolling heating furnace and prolong the life of the heating furnace;

Reduced thermal stress fatigue cracks and broken rolls and wear caused by oxide skin of the rolling rolls;

Reduce the depth of the decarburized layer;

Improve the surface quality of the product;

Refine grains and improve product performance.

Disadvantages of low temperature heating and rolling:

The deformation resistance of the rolled material is increased, thereby increasing the rolling force and rolling power;

The order lowers the plasticity of the rolled material when rolling, thereby affecting the bite of the rolled material;

Sometimes it is necessary to reduce the pass reduction and increase the pass.


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