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Application of high temperature antioxidant impregnated electrode


In recent years,the state has resolutely banned the floor bar steel,resulting in a sharp drop in scrap steel prices,many new electric furnaces have been built in China,which has led to a large increase in the use of graphite the same time,under the pressure of environmental protection,many electrodes manufacturers that do not meet the environmental protection standards have been shut down one after another,coupled with the commercial hype of some graphite electrodes manufacturers,resulting in graphite .electrode prices soared,reaching a peak of more than 100,000 this case,in order to reduce the consumption of graphite electrodes,thereby reducing production costs and improving economic benefits,it is decided to carry out oxidation resistance treatment on graphite electrodes of refining furnace in steelmaking plant.

In order to reduce the consumption of electrodes,our factory has carried out the experiment of antioxidant impregnated electrodes,which has achieved the effect of reducing the consumption of electrodes by 12% and electricity consumption by more than present,it has been used in batches.


Mechanism and analysis of graphite electrode consumption graphite electrodes are formed by forging and calcination of graphite petroleum coke and asphalt.Due to the reduction of graphite particles,volatilization of binder and pyrolysis of graphite,small open pore structures are produced in graphite electrodes,during the process of graphitization,pore is produced by evaporation of ash impurities,in the heating process of refining furnace,the main electrodes are melting loss,thermal vibration,C-O reaction,oxidation and fracture,electorde oxidation spalling accounts for more 50% of electrode consumption,the ways to solve the problem of high electrode consumption are:(1)improving the compactness of the electrode(2)reactivity of passivated graphite.


Application of high temperature antioxidant impregnated electrode the application of antioxidant impregnating electrodes in our factory has been carried out.the electrodes are placed in the liquid,the vacuum tank is vacuum treated,and the vacuum tank is repressed slowly after-4-6Mpa,because of the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the electrodes,the electrodes impregnating solution will enter into the air gap of the electrodes to make the electrodes more effective,in order to be dense,the second is the high temperature,when the antioxidant electrode is used,the electrode especially the surface of the electrode,has a protective film to prevent oxygen from contacting the electrode and reduce oxidation,thus reducing the peeling off and reducing the consumption of the electrode.

Key technology of processing:1.Vacuum treatment,the electrode is completely impregnated in the solution,sealed and vacuum-pumped,the vacuum is maintained after repression,because of the effect of pressure difference inside the electrode,the solution will be inhaled into the body of the electrode to ensure the compactness of the electrode 2.guarantee a certain time for the air-drying of the electrode to prevent the use of liquid.precipitation affects the conductivity of copper bush 3.protecting the electrode head well,there must be no solution at the joint,otherwise it will affect the conductive effect.


Use effect evaluation

The first stage:blank test,using impregnated electrodes to calculate the total weight of electrodes consumed in the process:6860.7kg,the total electricity consumed in the process:5224,000Tons,the consumption of electrodes without oxidation treatment:131.33kg/10,000 degrees;

The second stage:using antioxidant treatment electrodes to calculate;the total weight of electrodes consumed in the calculation process is 4518.4kg;the total electricity consumed in the process is 397,800degrees;therefore,the consumption of electrodes by antioxidant treatment is 113,5847kg/10000degrees.

So we concluded that the antioxidant treatment saved13.512% compared with 1313.33kg/10000degree before,and reduced to 113.5847kg/10000degree


Economic benefits of production



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