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What are the operating procedures for the assembly of backup roller bearing housings?


Before working, the installer must be familiar with the structural composition, matching relationship, installation sequence and precautions of the oil film bearing assembly before cleaning and assembly. The cleaning of oil film bearings uses 120 gasoline, so strict fire safety measures must be taken during operation, emergency fire extinguishing equipment must be equipped, and smoking is strictly prohibited at the cleaning and installation site. Before the installation personnel work, they should clean up the site, check, clean and prepare the tools and measuring tools.

  • Cleaning of bearing seat:
  1. First, check whether there are iron chips, oxides and impurities remaining during processing on the unmachined surface of the bearing seat, and blow the box with compressed air.
  2. Use a file to clean the burrs on the bearing box, box cover, and other parts, and use a 200-grit emery cloth to remove the rust and machining tool marks on the box hole.
  3. Use a grey oil knife to remove the oil stains on the box body, use 120# gasoline and knife edge cloth to clean all parts such as the bearing box box body and end cover (thrust bearing box and double tapered roller bearing), etc., pay attention to cleaning the box body All holes and pipes should be blown clean with compressed air to ensure clean and smooth.
  4. Check whether all matching dimensions (including geometric tolerances) of the measuring box are qualified against the drawings, and fill in the bearing seat assembly measurement record form in detail.
  5. Spray oil film bearing oil on each mating surface and pipeline.
  6. Cover the oil pipe joints and box holes with plastic film to prevent dust from sticking to the box. If the paint on the non-matching surface is damaged, it should be repainted.
  •  Cleaning of cone and bushing:
  1. Use gasoline to clean the anti-rust oil on the tapered sleeve and bushing of the oil film bearing, and it is strictly forbidden to scrape the working surface of the bearing with a shovel and a sharp tool.
  2. The rust on the oil film bearing can be lightly polished off with metallographic sandpaper and rubber whetstone.
  3. Check and measure the matching dimensions of the taper sleeve and bushing against the drawings, check whether they are qualified and fill in the bearing seat assembly measurement record form in detail, if qualified, the assembly can be carried out. If it cannot be assembled immediately, apply oil film bearing oil and wrap it with plastic film to prevent sand pollution. All cleaning processes should be carried out under the condition of padding with plastic film to prevent the mud from being stained on the ground.

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