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Comparative analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of top charging electric furnace, continuous horizontal charging electric furnace and quantum electric furnace

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today we make the following comparative analysis on the differences and technical pros and cons of the traditional top-charging electric furnace, continuous horizontal charging electric furnace and quantum electric furnace.

Traditional top-loading electric furnace has simple equipment, occupies less land, less investment, flexible and simple operation, and is suitable for diversified scrap steel; however, the discontinuity in the production process leads to large heat loss and unorganized emissions. Theoretical value, one furnace smelting cycle is 60min, electricity consumption is 400kWh/t, electrode consumption is 2.0kg/t.

Horizontal continuous feeding electric furnace, continuous smelting, short cycle; no opening of the cover, low fugitive emissions; with scrap preheating function, high energy efficiency (it is the key to reach 40-46 furnaces per day). However, there are still problems such as a relatively low preheating temperature of about 400 degrees, a large area, a large amount of air leakage in the preheating channel, a high operating rate of the span crane, a short life of the continuous feeding trough, blockage of the feeding trough, and environmental pollution. In practice, the smelting cycle of one furnace is 38-45min, the power consumption is 320-350kWh/t, and the electrode consumption is 0.9-1.4kg/t.


The quantum electric furnace is fully automated. The scrap chute is equipped with a lifting system, siphon-type steel-free slagging, flexible furnace shell installation, tilting, and replacement methods, innovative waste gas treatment system, and production costs can be reduced by about 20%. Theoretical value, the smelting cycle of one furnace is 35min, the electricity consumption is 280kWh/t, and the electrode consumption is 0.9kg/t.

Comparing top-charging electric arc furnace, horizontal charging electric arc furnace, and quantum, the top-charging electric arc furnace occupies the least area. The horizontal charging electric arc furnace needs 55-65 space positions in the direction of the four holes of the electric furnace to arrange the conveyor, so it is horizontal The charging electric arc furnace occupies a larger area than the ordinary top charging electric arc furnace, and the construction cost of the steelmaking workshop is higher than the former. However, the new quantum electric furnace is much larger than the top charging electric furnace and the horizontal charging electric furnace in terms of height and layout. It can be said to be a multiple of orders of magnitude.

According to the above, although the comprehensive investment of the quantum electric furnace is far greater than that of the top-loading and horizontal-feeding electric furnaces, if the actual production in the future, such results are still very cost-effective for long-term steel customers. After all, it is environmentally friendly, and the lowest smelting cost and high efficiency are enough to make up for the above excessive investment.

However, many insiders in the steel industry have their own views on the new advanced smelting equipment of the quantum electric furnace. With the continuous improvement and improvement of the operation level of the horizontal charging electric arc furnace, various production indicators are getting better and better, even close to the so-called quantum electric furnace! More importantly, due to the structural characteristics of the quantum furnace and the smelting process requirements, the preheating temperature of scrap steel is higher than that of the horizontal charging The high electric arc furnace may be one of its bright spots, but with the preheating time of the scrap hopper in the preheating chamber after the first tapping, the temperature will be incompatible with the smelting time of the electric furnace. It is necessary to extend the preheating time for scrap steel if the scrap preheating temperature is high, and the following electric furnace melting pool is fully equipped for tapping. Do you still have to wait for the scrap to be preheated to a certain temperature? In addition, the quantum electric furnace needs to be topped up and lower furnace shell each time the steel is tapped , Also requires a certain amount of operating time.

Therefore, professionals believe that the real production efficiency and output of the quantum electric furnace will be an important barrier! Therefore, the birth of any new thing and the actual operation in the future will definitely have a certain gap and even insurmountable obstacles from the original set goals. This is an important feature of the high risk of product innovation.





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