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Continuous charging electric furnace

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The continuous feeding electric furnace is one of the more newly put into production electric furnaces in recent years. The biggest feature is that the scrap is continuously added during the smelting process, and the power can not be cut off without opening the furnace cover. The energy input is uninterrupted, avoiding huge energy loss and smoke. No spillover, the high-temperature flue gas drawn from the furnace passes through the continuous feeding tunnel, which also plays a role in preheating the scrap steel. The electricity consumption per ton of steel can be reduced by 30 kWh to 100 kWh, and the molten pool is relatively stable and reduced In addition to the huge noise of the traditional electric furnace during the electrode penetration period and the impact on the grid, the electrode consumption per ton of steel decreased by 0.1 kg to 0.3 kg. In addition, the molten pool is stable during the smelting process, the scrap preheating temperature is generally around 400, the smelting cycle is shortened, and the productivity is improved. The main technical and economic indicators are better than traditional electric furnaces, but the one-time investment is higher than traditional electric furnaces



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LMM Main product series

Core technology products:

  • magnesia carbon brick
  • slide gate plate
  • graphite electrode

Core technology products:

  • Hss roller
  • cast steel rolls
  • tungten carbide ring roller

Core technology products:

  • copper mould tube
  • copper mould plate
  • assembly & cooling jackts

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