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Green low-carbon steel technology innovation – Helping low-carbon production in steel plants with intelligent technology


Helping low-carbon production in steel plants with intelligent technology

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Smart manufacturing in the steel industry has entered a new model of green, low-carbon, and smart. This article details the development of a large-scale steel mill in China through more than 30 years of research and development and production practices that have developed cutting-edge metallurgical technologies that are green and environmentally friendly and have low emissions.

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Smart manufacturing in the steel industry has entered a new model of green, low-carbon, and smart. “Smart sensing, smart analysis, and smart control” are the core content of smart manufacturing.

On the basis of stable and reliable measurement, detection, transmission and control, through the development of a series of advanced and practical intelligent optimization control system and intelligent management system, the control level and intelligent decision-making ability of production, quality, safety, management and other aspects are improved, and the ability of intelligent decision-making is improved. Integrate labor productivity and resource utilization, reduce product defect rates and operation and maintenance costs, and reduce carbon emissions and pollutant emissions.


  1. Integration technology of energy intelligent control center

Establish integrated smart energy management and control, including a data center, integrating centralized energy monitoring, unified energy metering, energy flow balance, energy management and control, energy big data mining, energy performance, etc., to achieve global energy monitoring, energy scheduling, energy forecasting, and energy saving Reduce consumption.


Comprehensively improve the operation and coordination efficiency of the energy management and control system of iron and steel enterprises, and ultimately reduce the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel by more than 2%.


  1. Intelligent combustion system of blast furnace hot blast stove

The intelligent combustion system of hot blast stove is an integrated solution suitable for combustion control of hot blast stove. Provide all-round intelligent services for the hot blast stove system, such as automatic furnace change, intelligent combustion, furnace resource scheduling, furnace heat storage estimation, data summary display, etc. The unit consumption of iron per ton is reduced by about 30m3, and the CO2 emission per ton of iron is reduced by 25.4kg.


  1. Smart coke oven technology

Intelligent coke oven technology is based on stable and reliable measurement, detection and control, and realizes optimized control of the production process through artificial intelligence software models to achieve “three fulls, two lows and one high” (fully comply with environmental protection standards, fully optimized energy efficiency, and the entire production process Control; ultra-low pollutant emissions, greatly reduced energy consumption; high economic benefits).

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