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Green low-carbon steel technology innovation-Focus on green steel and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire process


Focus on green steel and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the entire process

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Smart manufacturing in the steel industry has entered a new model of green, low-carbon, and smart. This article details the development of a large-scale steel mill in China through more than 30 years of research and development and production practices that have developed cutting-edge metallurgical technologies that are green and environmentally friendly and have low emissions.

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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]1.  New Type Green Intelligent Large Volume Coke Oven Equipment Technology

New green and intelligent large-volume coke oven equipment technology. Its characteristic advantages include: low-consumption coking technology, coke oven asymmetric flue technology, single carbonization chamber pressure regulation and control technology, coal humidity control technology, dry quenching and waste heat power generation technology, etc.


reduce-CO2-emissions2. Large-scale, high-efficiency and low-carbon blast furnace

Large-scale high-efficiency blast furnaces are characterized by stability, low fuel ratio, low process energy consumption, and high production efficiency, which are of great significance for low-carbon production, reducing environmental load, and achieving ecological development.

Special advantages of extra-large blast furnace technologies include: comprehensive long-life blast furnace technology, comprehensive dry purification technology for blast furnace gas, modern tapping yard technology, zero-emission technology for furnace top gas discharge and intelligent recovery technology, and “clean” rotary drum slag treatment technology , Automatic and precise coal injection technology, etc.


3. Top-fired hot blast stove technology for super large blast furnace

Features and advantages of top-combustion hot blast stove technology include: high-efficiency low-nitrogen combustion technology, burner insulation technology, hot blast piping arrangement, automatic stove control system, hot blast stove flue gas denitration technology.


4. Integrated technology of high-efficiency and low-consumption smart bar production line

Advantages of the high-efficiency and low-consumption intelligent bar production line include: closed-loop controlled rolling and controlled cooling technology, high-temperature hot delivery and hot charging technology, double regenerative step-type heating furnace technology, cost-effective long billet production technology, and intelligent monitoring and control of the temperature field across the board Technology, multi-line slitting hole pattern development technology, full-length production technology, cooling bed waste heat recovery technology, intelligent enhanced collection and integration technology, intelligent equipment and intelligent robot technology, short-length material automatic rejection reform technology, key equipment automatic monitoring technology, etc. .


5. Flexible iron-steel interface collaboration technology

This technology uses automobile transportation of molten iron as the core, and scientifically solves many problems in the transportation of molten iron between large blast furnaces and converters. The average temperature drop of molten iron from tapping to converting iron into the converter is about 58℃, which is 100% lower than that of traditional transportation technology. Significantly improved at -180°C. This alone reduces CO2 emissions by 35.8kg per ton of steel.


6. Active calcium desulfurization technology

By spraying activated calcium instead of baking soda desulfurizer, the SO2 in the flue gas is removed, and the generated dust is removed by a bag filter, so that the flue gas can be discharged up to the standard. It can achieve a reduction of 1.375 tons of CO2 per ton of SO2 removed.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]One stop solution for steel industry[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


As professional one-stop solution provider, LIAONING MINERAL & METALLURGY GROUP CO., LTD(LMM GROUP) Established in 2007, and focus on engineering research & design, production & delivery, technology transfer, installation & commissioning, construction & building, operation & management for iron, steel & metallurgical industries globally. 

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  • Hss roller
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  • copper mould tube
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