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Introduction to masonry and construction of refractory bricks


Introduction to masonry and construction of refractory bricks

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator border_width=”4″ css=”.vc_custom_1634717105239{padding-top: 30px !important;padding-bottom: 30px !important;}”][vc_column_text]Description:Refractory brick masonry is the main component of the furnace. Its working conditions are different from general building masonry. The latter only accepts static or dynamic loads. The former also has to resist the effect of high temperature and the erosion of furnace gas. Simple cause The uneven thermal expansion and thickness reduction of brick masonry. These damage factors must be carefully considered when building and repairing the furnace lining. In order to improve the service life of brick masonry.


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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Preparation of refractory materials before furnace construction

In order to improve the quality of masonry construction, speed up the construction progress, and ensure the smooth progress of furnace construction. Before starting furnace construction, the following preparations should be made:

  • Carry out necessary strength and tightness tests on the furnace shell, and conduct cold trial operation on part of the furnace work organization to ensure that it meets the qualification requirements. Because the furnace shell not only accepts the weight of the furnace masonry, the furnace door, the door frame and other structures, but also has the effect of preventing the gas leakage in the furnace and the air outside the furnace from entering the furnace. If the furnace shell does not meet the planned strength and tightness inspection requirements, after the furnace wall is completed, it will not be able to check whether there is leakage, etc., even if there is a leak, it cannot be repaired. If the work organization in the furnace does not conduct a cold test run, there are also problems that cannot be repaired. Therefore, the furnace must be built only after the furnace shell has passed the strength and tightness test and part of the furnace work organization has passed the cold trial operation.
  • Ensure that the process account certificate is complete. The main content should include: a copy of the heat treatment furnace centerline and root elevation and other scale measurements; a copy of the acceptance record of the shade project; a copy of the furnace shell tightness test qualified document and other primary scale retest data related to the quality of the furnace.
  • The construction of the heat treatment furnace shall be constructed strictly according to the plan. Before the furnace is built, the masonry drawing of the heat treatment furnace should be obtained from the equipment manufacturer, and the technical person shall be responsible for understanding, digesting the drawing planning requirements and planning purposes. Carry out construction plan planning for difficult construction parts. Then, explain to the main construction technique carefully. Until all the construction personnel have realized and mastered the structure and requirements of each part of the masonry, the construction methods of the key and difficult parts, etc., did they agree to the formal construction.
  • Before building the furnace, arrange the copies and arrive at the construction site as required by the construction. Set up a temporary warehouse or material shed. Including: Temporary warehouses or stacking yards for storing Botong A adobe bricks, refractory materials, asbestos products and other furnace building materials. It also has certain rain and moisture-proof equipment; there are places where various construction machines can be shipped ( (E.g. brick cutter, mud mixer, etc.); simple transportation vehicles and special tools (such as level, steel ruler, furnace and mud tools, plumbing hammer, hanging wire, etc.) should be equipped; the channel for transporting materials should be cleared. Short route .In order to quickly and easily transport all furnace building materials to the construction site.
  • Regarding the quality of various materials used in furnace construction, strict inspection and selection should be made according to their quality requirements. It should not be used for those who fail or exceed the agreed deviation. Avoid reducing the quality of the masonry. Use refractory bricks that have been dismantled and recovered. The slag and mud on each surface should be carefully sorted out. After inspection, it can be used for secondary masonry. If you need to change or substitute furnace building materials, you should obtain prior approval from the original planning or production unit.
  • The stored furnace building materials shall be counted in quantity and inspected in quality. Standard refractory bricks and ordinary private bricks should be collected and stored separately, and the accumulation layer should not exceed 25 layers; special-shaped refractory bricks should be piled separately according to their shape and size. Strictly distinguish the difference between left and right, up and down, and front and back. The edges and corners of each part should not be damaged; powdered and loose refractories, etc. should be stacked in rectangular trapezoids according to raw materials, hot materials and different particle sizes. Strictly prevent other dirt, firewood, etc. from mixing into it; there are requirements for moisture and water resistance The material. Wet and rain should be prohibited.

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