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Summary of the future development of magnesia carbon brick

1.Study on refinement of traditional magnesium-carbon brick

Research on the refinement of traditional magnesia carbon bricks although the development of magnesia-carbon bricks has been in the process for more than 30years,and it is constantly being researched and perfected,the damage status and working surface structure exhibited by magnesia-carbon bricks during the use process show that the magnesia-carbon bricks do not fully exert their respective components,the performance did not reach the maximum effect.this is illustrated by the bare magnesia particles on the working surface of the LF refining slag magnesia carbon brick,extremely low strength and loose structure.

Through years of follow-up research,it is found that the magnesia carbon brick used for the LF refining ladle slag line has different crystallization conditions,impurity distribution,grade and overall structural matching of the magnesia,and the service life of the magnesia carbon brick is completely different,it also varies greatly,therefore how to carry out refined research on the interface structure and particle gradatin between raw materials,crystals and particles,so that the magnesia carbon bricks are well matched in many dimensions such as structure,composition and stress,which is an update of the tradtional magnesia carbon bricks,replacement and large-span innovation is very important,and it will be one of the key research directions for magnesium carbide bricks to greatly improve performance.

2.High performance and multifunctional antioxidant

Antioxidant is a very important component of carbon composites,its performance is directly related to the performance of magnesia carbon bricks,the emergence of high performance antioxidants will greatly improve the performance of magnesia carbon bricks or promote the replacement of magnesia carbon bricks,therefore,how to prepare antioxidants with high oxidation resistance and high temperature strength through composition,structure control,new technology and new technology will be one of the main development directions of future magnesia carbon bricks.

For low-carbon magnesia carbon bricks,in view of its low carbon content and structural specificity,its antioxidants should have the function of ordinary magnesia carbon brick antioxidants,and should also have its volume stability and oxidation at high temperatures,the volume stability of the reaction between the product and the substrate etc,which is currently lacking in many conventional antioxidants

3.Research on low carbon magnesia carbon brick binder

Traditional magnesia carbon bricks have a high carbon content and can form a continuous carbon network.the requirements for binders are not high.However,low carbon magnesia carbon bricks have low carbon content and it is difficult to form a network of contacts.this is also a low carbon magnesia carbon magnesia carbon brick.the performance is relatively poor compared to traditional magnesia carbon bricks,therefore,the binder used for low carbon magnesia carbon bricks should have its special properties in addition to the characteristics of traditional binders.

The ideal binder for low carbon magnesia carbon bricks should be easily distributed evenly,and the carbon components after carbonization should have certain stability,therefore,there is still room for further research on the molecular structure,the branched structure,the viscosity,the graphitization ability of the binder,and the organic combination of he carbonized structure and the antioxidant component to realize its formation and strength source of the magnesia carbon brick,at the same time,it enhances the antioxidant capacity of the carbon-bonded network,or imparts a certain stress buffering capability to the carbon-bonded network.

4.Stress decomposition and structural optimization of low carbon magnesia carbon brick

Traditional magnesia carbon bricks have negligible structural stress due to high graphite content,but can not be ignored for low carbon magnesia carbon bricks,but this has not attracted attention in the current research of low carbon magnesia carbon bricks,the expansion coefficient of magnesia granules is very large compared with graphite ,which is also the root cause of the high structural stress of low carbon magnesia carbon bricks.therefore,how to achieve the multi-scale matching of the structure,composition and stress of low-carbon magnesia-carbon bricks through the matching design of particle gradation,particle interface structure and matrix structure,which will be low carbon magnesium carbon bricks in the direction of stress decomposition should be studied in depth.


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