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“Offering a plan” bears “benefit results” and saves nearly 3.5 million yuan each year for the rolling mill plant

“A 12-meter billet with a curvature of more than 200mm cannot enter the furnace at all!”

In front of the heating furnace in the bar operation area of ​​Echeng Iron and Steel Rolling Plant, all the employees of the heating furnace team responsible for the production of the heating furnace were anxiously looking at the steel billet stuck at the furnace door.

Knowing the situation reported by the team, Ke Yan took the initiative to find the staff on duty, carefully inquired about the abnormal temperature of hot packs in the past half month and the daily problems, and thought about the solutions to the problems at hand.

Since the rod-3 heating furnace was put into use, the heating furnace team members took turns to inspect and inspect the production site, and timely checked and rectified the hidden dangers and dangers found during the inspection.

With careful care, the output of stick three is increasing day by day. The increase in output has brought intuitive benefits, and it also allows the continuous casting temperature of the billet to be as high as 900°C and the fastest conveying speed of 5m/s. Such production conditions are prone to bending deformation of the hot-delivered billet, resulting in the billet being unable to enter the heating furnace in time. Causes a series of problems such as steel stuck at the furnace door, waste rejection, and delayed shutdown.

“Squad Leader Wang, after the red-hot billets converge, they must be transported to the third bar through the roller table at a high speed, and the straightening cannot be stopped, otherwise the temperature loss will be large. After reviewing the data and analyzing the data, I think it is possible to try to increase the amount of energy in the roller table. A set of equipment for straightening red billets online, so that the billets can be straightened without stopping, what do you think?” Ke Yan approached the monitor Wang Wengang and expressed his thoughts.

As soon as he woke up the dreamer, Squad Leader Wang repeatedly praised: “It’s still your head-turning fast. I didn’t expect that the billet can be straightened while being transported. This idea is great!”

Ke Yan pointed at the door of the feeding furnace with a smile and said, “I didn’t think of this idea alone. Didn’t the factory carry out an ‘offer a plan’ activity? I explored and discussed it with the staff of the hot furnace class for a week. It was a collective effort. Wisdom crystallized.”

It is understood that after the straightening device is put into use, it can save nearly 3.5 million yuan in various expenses every year.


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