The cemented carbide composite roll water quality requirment:Because of the negative effect of heat corrosion,thermal fatigue and thermal stress,the net-shaped thermal fatigue crack usually appears while the collar working,with the increase of cracks,small parts may come off and even the roll rings is broken.we adopt the cooling method to reduce the bad effect,pervent the cracks from stretching and prolong the durability of rolling groove,which plays an positive role on the cemented carbide roll rings,the parameters of cooling water are as follows:temperature no more than 35℃,pressure of 0.4-0.6Mpa,volume of 24-30m³per stand per hour,radical direction for spraying water,the angle of 15-30°between the sparying direction and rotating direction of roll rings.the water is twice as wide as the rolling groove and directly sprayed into the groove without scattering.

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