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What is the cause of the ” ladle overturn “? What are the preventive measures?

What is the cause of the “ladle overturn”? What are the preventive measures?

key word: ladle overturn

When the ladle is deep and the clumped alloy slag is not melted, when the alloy melts, it may be the steam formed by the water content of the alloy or the calcium steam formed by the calcium, which expands sharply at high temperature, pushing away the molten steel and expelling it; Sudden reaction may occur due to other reasons, a large amount of gas is suddenly produced, and the ladle is overturned. The preventive measures are as follows:

(1) When tapping deoxidation and alloying, do not add alloy to the bottom of the ladle before tapping or do not add a large amount of alloy during tapping.

(2) Maintain the taphole, and do not use the large taphole for tapping.

(3) The location of the alloy chute is appropriate, and the alloy should be added to the steel stream impact area.

(4) Avoid excessive slag at the bottom of the ladle.

(5) Avoid tapping steel ladle with high alloy steel.

(6) When the end point carbon is low, do not add a recarburizer to increase the carbon first.

(7) Increase the end point carbon and reduce low-carbon tapping.

(8) The tapping process adopts argon blowing and stirring at the bottom of the ladle.


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