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What’s wrong with the temperature of the molten pool being too high or too low in the Steelmaking and blowing process?

What’s wrong with the temperature of the molten pool being too high or too low in the Steelmaking and blowing process?

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Too high: Difficult to convert the slag. If the temperature is too high, the decarburization reaction becomes more intense, causing the FeO in the slag to maintain a very low level, making it more difficult to dissolve the lime, and even serious “reverse drying” occurs. The corrosion of the furnace lining is serious, and the refractory temperature of the dolomite furnace lining is not very high. As the furnace temperature rises, the furnace lining tends to soften, and impact erosion is easier. The final dephosphorization is difficult, and the dephosphorization reaction is highly sensitive to temperature. Although the basicity of the final slag is high, the phosphorus distribution ratio decreases at high temperatures, making it difficult for the phosphorus content in the molten steel to fall below the required level. The gas dissolved in molten steel increases, thereby affecting the quality of steel. The temperature of tapping molten steel is too high, which can easily cause casting accidents.

Too low: the temperature is too low, the slag in the early stage is not good, and the high basicity slag is difficult to produce in the later stage, which affects dephosphorization and desulfurization. In order to increase the furnace temperature, some compulsory measures must be adopted to increase the consumption of ferroalloy and increase the iron loss. Extend the blowing time.


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