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Properties And Considerations Of Manufacturing By Continuous Casting



Properties And Considerations Of Manufacturing By Continuous Casting

    • Continuous casting manufacture is different from other metal casting processes, particularly in the timing of the process. In other casting operations, the different steps to the process such as the ladling of metal, pouring, solidification, and casting removal all take place one at a time in a sequential order. In continuous casting manufacture, these steps are all occurring constantly and at the same time.


    • This process is used in commercial manufacture as a replacement to the traditional process of casting ingots.


    • Piping, a common problem in ingot manufacture, is eliminated with the continuous casting process.


    • Structural and chemical variations in the metal of the casting, often present in ingots, have been eliminated. When manufacturing with the continuous metal casting process, the casting’s material will possess uniform properties.


    • When employing continuous metal casting manufacture, the castings will solidify at 10 times the rate that a casting solidifies during ingot production.


    • With less loss of material, cost reduction, higher productivity rate, and superior quality of castings, continuous casting manufacture is often the choice over ingot production.


    • A continuous casting manufacturing process will take considerable resources and planning to initiate, it will be employed in only very serious industrial operations.


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