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Roll die stretch of metal wire

As we all know, the traditional production method of metal wire is integral die drawing. This method is relatively simple, but there are many shortcomings. The friction force in the deformation area is large, and a large amount of energy is consumed, which greatly affects the deformation process. In order to reduce the stretching friction, different stretching processes have been investigated, including reverse stretching, vibration stretching, rotating vibratory die stretching, different hydrodynamic friction stretching, and possible combination.

However, a faster and more promising method in recent years is roll die drawing. The essence of roll die stretching is to stretch the wire in a hole formed by a non-driven, freely rotating roll. Its characteristic is that most of the friction between the material and the die hole when the whole die is stretched is converted into the external friction of the bearing, thereby greatly reducing the stretching friction. The manufacture of the integral drawing die requires the use of special cemented carbide materials, while the manufacture of the roller die only needs to use ordinary metal materials, and the speed of drawing the titanium wire is 2 to 4 times that of the integral die drawing. As early as 1890, Western countries used four-roll hole die for the production of special-shaped profiles. At present, the use of roll die drawing in the production of wire rods is quite common, and the varieties, specifications and cross-sectional shapes of the produced wire rods are various. Among them, there are more than 600 occasions using this method to produce wire rods in Japan alone. This is because the method combines the advantages of two commonly used deformation processes (rolling and stretching).


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