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Used the mold copper tube and coating of different casting machines

How to use the mold copper plate, mold copper tube and coating of different casting machines?For billet continuous casting, there are many copper mould tubes with TP2. The billet is generally gradually made of chromium zirconium copper copper mould tube, especially the copper mould tube with unequal square billet crystal mold is preferably chrome zirconium copper. The coating is currently mostly hard chrome.

The round billet copper mould tube adopts samarium cobalt copper for horizontal continuous casting, silver copper for large cross section, chrome zirconium copper for larger cross section, and more chrome plating for plating. More silver-plated copper is used, and the plating layer is mostly chromium; the large-section slab copper mould tube is generally made of chromium zirconium copper, and the plating layer is made of alloy coatings such as Ni-Cr, Ni-NiFe, NiFe, NiCo.

Of course, the choice of materials and coatings is related to the system parameters of the casting machine, such as drawing speed, water cooling strength, steel grade, e


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  • magnesia carbon brick
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  • Hss roller
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  • tungten carbide ring roller

Core technology products:

  • copper mould tube
  • copper mould plate
  • assembly & cooling jackts

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