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What are the advantages of the concave-convex crystallizer copper tube and the diamond-type crystallizer copper tube?

What are the advantages of the concave-convex crystallizer copper tube and the diamond-type crystallizer copper tube?At present, continuous casting is developing towards high speed, high operating rate and high quality. The main way to increase the pulling speed is to improve the shape of the inner cavity of the copper tube of the mold, and uniformly enhance the cooling strength of the copper tube to improve the heat transfer effect. Among them, one of the key technologies is to optimize the shape of the cavity of the copper tube of the mold and determine the taper parameters.
The product of the concave-convex copper mould tube and the diamond-type copper mould tube which we have developed now have the following characteristics. First, the design of the inner cavity shape is more in line with the cooling and solidification law of molten steel, and is more adaptable to the shape of the continuous casting shell. The air gap is kept to a minimum; the second is that in the taper design, the shell of the molten steel and the copper tube wall of the mold are in good contact with the minimum contact stress to reduce the resistance of the blank; the third is the material of the copper tube. Not only has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, magnetic permeability, but also has higher yield strength and softening resistance, chrome-zirconium copper or silver-copper alloy with recrystallization temperature not lower than 320 °C; The thickness of the coating is greater than 0.13mm. The above features ensure that the two copper mould tube can quickly and evenly transfer heat, promote the rapid production of the continuous casting shell and the uniform thickness, and the theoretical casting speed of the continuous casting machine can reach 4m/min. Increase the speed of the casting while improving the quality of the slab and prolonging the life of the copper tube itself.


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